Why and from where to learn Java?

Java is a high level, general purpose, object-oriented, modern, portable, dynamic, and robust programming language. It was designed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1999, currently owned by Oracle. In current scenarios, Java is one of the most popular programming language and it is considered as an evergreen language.

It is a platform independent programming language, which means that we only need to write the program once and able to run the program on different platforms. More than 3 billion devices run java. Java is used for various purposes like Android App Development, Software Development, Web Development,etc. The salary of a Java Developer is 70K USD per year.

So, why should we learn java, what are the reasons?

The reasons are quite simple and are as follows:

  • Java’s Popularity
  • High Salary
  • Easy to learn
  • Large Community
  • Platform Independent
  • Abudant API
  • Free of Cost
  • Powerful Development Tools
  • Versatile
  • Great Documentation Support
  • Multiple Open Source Libraries

So these are the various reasons of why you should learn Java. Even Java is the best programming language for Competitive Programming and Learning Data Structures and Alogrithms. Now lets talk about the resources for learning Java.

Best YouTube Channels to learn Java

Here is a short list of some YouTube Channels that you can refer to learn Java:

  • Derak Bana’s Playlist (English)
  • The New Boston (English)
  • Programming with Mosh (English)
  • freecodecamp (English)
  • Code with Harry (Hindi)
  • MySirG (Hindi)

Best Online Courses to learn Java

Here is a list of Online Courses to learn Java. These courses are recommended by pro Java Developers.

Just doing these courses is not enough, do practice and keep coding. So that’s it in this blog. Hope you like this blog, and do check my previous blogs too.

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