Flutter vs. SwiftUI - a clean comparison.

Hey Geeks, this is my second blog on medium and in this blog we will compare Flutter with Swift UI. So all those who want to learn Flutter or SwiftUI they can refer this blog. So without further ado let’s dive into the topic.

Flutter is an open-source UI development kit by Google which is generally used to develop apps for Android, iOS, windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuschia, and for web also whereas SwiftUI is created by Apple, an innovative, exceptionally simple way to build UI across all Apple Platforms.

Both Flutter and SwiftUI are declarative frameworks. So we can create composable components which

  • In Flutter, called Widgets
  • In SwiftUI, called Views

In Flutter, everything is a widget but in SwiftUI not everything is view

The widgets in Flutter are if two types Stateless and Statefull but in SwiftUI there is no such comparision. Flutter uses Dart Programming language whereas SwiftUI uses Swift programming languages.

So that’s it in this blog, I had tried to make you understand about the difference between Flutter and SwiftUI. If you found this blog helpful then share it with your friends and get connected with me on Instagram

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