Convert your Designs into fully functioning native iOS and Android Apps

As a UIUX Designer, you might be familiar with softwares like Photoshop, Adobe XD or Figma. Many designers working in companies as UIUX Designers used to move with Developers to build any kind of product.

In this blog, I will tell you about a very useful and interesting tool, which let you to convert your design into a fully functioning native iOS and Android App. Just you need to design your design in Adobe XD or Figma and the rest of the tasks will get handled by this tool.

The name of this tool is Bravo Studio. Bravo Studio the best tool for designers to turn prototypes into fully functioning apps. It provides you large numbers of features to turn your design into an app. You just need to follow three steps.

  • Design your app using Figma or Adobe XD.
  • Add Bravo Tags
  • Import it to Bravo Studio

Wait, what are Bravo Tags? Do you have any idea? Well lemme explain it to you. Bravo Tag is a text string that you need to place in the layer names in your design. After importing your design project into Bravo Studio, the layer with the tag will turn into a mobile component.

Step 2:- Connect to Real Data

  • Feed your design with real data

You can use simple spreadsheet or even go for complex back-end tools.

Step 3:- Test and Publish

  • Now preview and test your app using Bravo Vision Mobile App
  • After you are done with testing publish your app to play store or app store.
  • Integration with any API
  • Firebase Integration
  • Notification
  • Pagination
  • Multiple API requests

So this was all about Bravo Studio. Hope you like this blog. Follow me on Instagram

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