A roadmap to iOS Development

So you wanna be an iOS Developer and don’t about the right path to follow, Right? No worry here I came up with a brilliant iOS Development Roadmap. So with further delay let,s dive into the topic.

List of topics that we are going to talk about:

  • Get Familiar with Apple Ecosystem
  • Learn Core Concepts
  • Install Xcode
  • Working with Networking and Data
  • VCS
  • Other Skills
  • Bonus

Get Familiar With Apple Ecosystem

So the first step is to get a Mac along with an iPhone [if you don’t have]. It’s depends on your choice what you want to get a Mac Mini or MacBook or iMac. Don’t go for cloud services like Mac In cloud, Mac Stadium ,etc or even say no to Virtual Machines and Hacintosh Builds. But Why? Because Apple says that if you have OSX not installed in Apple Hardware then you are violating the Terms and Conditions of Apple. No doubt you can build your app using Virtual Machines or Hackintosh Builds, but Apple will not let you to publish those apps. So if you want to start your iOS Development journey, you need to get a Mac first.

Learn Core Concepts

When I talk about Core Concepts I am talking about Swift and SwiftUI. These are the most most things that you need to know as an iOS Developer. No need to go for Objective-C and UIKit, just learn Swift and SwiftUI.

So after getting a Mac start learning Swift. Swift is the core programming language by Apple for iOS Development. just like Java for Android Development. It is just a programming language like Python, JavaScript, etc. It is used to create variables, write functions, etc.

After learning Swift, the most important part is SwiftUI, a declarative Framework from Apple, which let us to write apps using Swift for various Apple Platforms like iOS, iPadOS, watchOS,etc. Earlier we have UIKit, but now SwiftUI is ruling over the world.

Install Xcode

Xcode is the most important piece of software for iOS Development. It is the official IDE for iOS Development by Apple, just like Android Studio for Android. So while learning SwiftUI, go and get Xcode for your Mac and start coding. Check out the Apple Developer Website for downloading Xcode.

After learning SwiftUI and getting Xcode start building small projects by following tutorials. Create as many projects as you can along with learning the advance concepts.

Working with Networking and Data

Then we need to go for Networking and Data. These are the essential skills that you must know as a junior iOS Developer. It is all about fetching data from Internet, or sending data from local device to any server.

VCS (Version Control System)

Ok only learning and creating apps is not enough, we must need to know about VCS or Version Control System. You must have an idea about how Git Works?, what is GitHub?, publishing your code to GitHub, etc. It is a side-skill which you must know and it is also very beneficial too.

Other Skills

There are also some skills that you must know to become even more employable. They are:

  • Core Data
  • Testing
  • Software Architecture
  • Multithreading


Here is a small gift from my side to the readers. After going through this blog, you might be wondering that you got to know what to learn but you don’t know where to learn. Don’t worry here are the list of resources to learn iOS Development:

  • 100 Days of Swift by HackingwithSwift (FREE)
  • 100 Days of SwiftUI by HackingwithSwift (FREE)
  • CodewithChris (YouTube Channel)
  • SwiftUI Masterclass: iOS 14 Development with Swift-5 (Paid Udemy Course)
  • Check out Udemy you will find many other iOS Development Courses

So that’s it in this blog, soon I will be posting another blog for daily contents you can check out my Instagram Page.

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